Lesson learned from the Perak political fiasco

If you could learn anything from the recent political fiasco in Perak, defection or crossover is wrong. No matter which side you are, the implications will be huge and it will always be negative. Imagine if 16 September 2008 actually happen. You think UMNO supporters will sit quietly and let it be without responding?

No, there will be public unrest and demonstrations just like what you see in Perak yesterday. Worst still, UMNO might even declare a state of Emergency and marshall law will take over.

While I must admit that I was once all for Pakatan Rakyat ruling the country and I dreamed of 16 September to happen, I forgot one thing. And Anwar seemed to miss this too. Defections, it works both way. He can entice BN politician to cross over to his side so does BN, vice versa. You can argue that Anwar didn't dangle 50 million in front of the potential defectors nor did his threatened them by force. But knowing BN and UMNO especially, they'd do anything to cling on to power. The end justifies the mean and nothing else matters. The crux of the matter is Anwar failed and UMNO with it's near unlimited resources succeeded. End of story.

As much as I hate to admit this, Karpal Singh has been right all along. Defections is wrong. There's no two way about it. The best way to change any government is through the ballot boxes. Now I'm all for this anti-hopping law. Politicians just cannot be trusted.

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