Would you curse, swear and accuse your wife of infidelity if she attended a meeting in which there are some male colleagues? Looks like the libido and amygdala are working overtime in some people. In spite of claiming to be cool and civilized democrats, these people are no better than the rest of us peasants.

Hopefully by now people have cooled down sufficiently to be more open to other opinions and be more reflective of their own.

HRH the Sultan of Perak made a difficult decision under extremely contentious circumstances and some people are heaping blame on him as if he commited some heinous act of infidelity. Looks like some Malaysians have no difficulty in casting the first stone whatever the circumstances. This makes nonsense of PKR’s policy of working towards some form of greater role for royalty if PR were to become the government. The PKR is still an emotional novice on such issues. Grow up!

The whole mess centres on law and the status of the 3 frogs. The law allows frogging. This is very clear. The fact is that the law not only allows frogging but allows leaping back and forth as Bota clearly shows. This means that the most current decision of the frog is the valid one. Whatever pre-signed letter or commitment that may have been signed to limit frogging is invalidated the moment the frog changes his mind. Don’t blame other people if the PR acted on lousy legal advice.

Further, there was no need for a vote of no confidence. This is purely technical and formal. The moment 31 assemblymen turned up at the Istana to give support to BN, the die was cast. If however, the PR manages to convince the frogs to jump back and 31 assemblymen turned up at the Istana (at the Sultan’s invitation) to show support for the PR or even to cast a vote of no-confidence on a BN govt. in a seating of the state assembly, the situation will turn again. It is the most current situation that counts.

In the meantime, the PR is free to take the matter to court. This is also its prerogative, but the state must have a govt. and not left in limbo until the court decides.

Having said that, there is still no guarantee that the Sultan will decide to swear in a new PR govt. if it manages to convince the 3 frogs to jump back. The stability of the state has to be considered. The state cannot be held to ransom by the indecision of 3 frogs. It may be then proper that the state assembly be dissolved and new elections called.

Hence it is also quite right if the Sultan had agreed for the state assembly to be dissolved. Either way, the Sultan is right. His role is catered for in a constitutional monarchy. It is only right and proper for him to make the decision.

I do not know why he decided as he did. Perhaps he considered that fresh elections in a heated situation where libidos and amygdalas rule is not good for the state and the people of Perak and that whatever disruption that may arise due to the swearing in of the new BN govt. is still less traumatic than fresh elections. It is pointless to speculate. It is his decision and his decision alone.

If you are unhappy about this, elect a new govt. and then change the law. No point blaming a constitutional monarch for doing his job.

– By batsman