Congratulations UMNO

We sat awestruck as we watched the news unfold before our eyes.

Congratulations UMNO

  • for making it very clear to the World that you wholeheartedly endorse people with Corruption Charges. (We suspect that the two would be absolved of their alleged crimes later)

  • for publically showing the world that you can and are more than willing to resort to such underhanded cheap and childish tricks to stay in power

  • for telling the People of Malaysia that when you are desperate enough, you will do anything to save face, regain power. And for now, it looks like you are desperate enough to do even more.

  • for telling Malaysia that you always had the power to speedily develop the nation for the past 51 years, but deliberately and willfully withheld it from the citizens unless you needed to entice them to vote for you. Even then, it's only a promise. No enticement has ever materialized.

  • for benefiting your own. The real citizens are still in dire conditions.

  • for reinforcing what “Ketuanan Melayu” really means to you. No one else had fully understood it before yesterday.

  • for giving this opportunity for Mahathir to shout from the sidelines exposing what he himself has committed during his regime.

  • for showing the world that you assume the Democratic title, but are not different from the days of “Democratic Kampuchea” during the days of the Khmer Rouge or “Democratic Vietnam” during Ho Chi Minh's days. Come clean. Call yourself Republic of Malaysia, like Indonesia, Taiwan of Singapore.

  • for telling the world that you do not understand the word “Autocratic”.

  • for announcing to the world the kind of government procedures which Malaysians and the rest of the world can expect when Najib sits on the throne in March.

  • for showing the World that you actually Worship the Chinese God of Money.

     – ex-citizen of Malaysian