Nizar hits out at humiliating treatment

Humayun Kabir, The Sun

Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin has accused the police and state secretariat officials of being high-handed, describing the reception he got this morning when he turned up for work as "humiliating and bitter".

He and other exco members reported for work at the State Secretariat (SS) at 9.50am but the police guarding the gate refused to allow his car into the compound and there was a three-minute stand-off. This enraged PR supporters who shook the gates in an attempt to get in.

Policemen then quickly opened the gates upon sensing the anger of the agitated crowd. About 100 reporters and photographers who were waiting outside then entered the compound together with the PR politicians.

Nizar and his exco members however could not enter their offices with the electronic door cards which had been deactivated by the SS officials on Thursday evening.

An SS official was called to open the door to Nizar’s office and upon entering his office at 10am, he found that all his official files, documents and personal items missing.

However, he put on a brave front to hide his disappointment with SS officials.

At the press conference in his office, he said: “Ten months ago when we took control of the SS from the BN, this office was ransacked and left empty and now we see the same situation being repeated.”

While the press conference was going on, State Secretary Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman burst into the room, clapped his hands twice and said: "I want all the press to immediately leave the MB’s room now.”

Angry supporters rushed at him but he retreated and called in the police.

Before the police came, Nizar and his PR team had already left his office situated on the second floor and made their way to Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham’s office on the first floor.

During the second press conference at Ngeh’s office, Ipoh OCPD Azisman Alias and FRU personnel entered the room and ordered the press to clear the office and leave the SS building for security reasons.

This was followed by Nizar and his PR team who were escorted out of the SS by Azisman. Nizar then returned to his official residence. This exit of Nizar from the SS building spells the end of the 11-month PR rule of the state.

Later at a press conference at DAP headquarters here, Taiping MP Nga Kor Meng blasted the BN for the appointment of Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir as the new Mentri Besar of
Perak while Nazir was still the legal Mentri Besar.

"Never in the history of the country have we had two Mentri Besar serving one state; this is an abuse of the democratic process," he said.