Lets Think

As a non-partisan and apolitical citizen I think it is time for us all to face reality. The facts stares at our faces and it doesn't matter who does the "froggy" act. When is it OK for representatives to jump from one party to another and when is it sinful?

AI started all this rubbish boasting to the world of his Federal Government takeover plans with representatives jumping from BN to PKR… then it was blessed and welcomed; as in the case of the Bota Rep. All forgot that it is a double-edged sword like the Malay saying "senjata makan tuan" and now he is crying foul because it is the reverse and against his PR? 😮

Again the fact that BN jumped at the opportunity to seize the day just shows how dynamic and vulnerable the situation is, and of course how precarious the position of the PR government in Perak. For a fact, the MB is the stooge for the defacto rulers of Perak, the DAP. he does not has the clout and is there on a technicality at the pleasure of the DAP. This was for all to see and yes, there were some good and some bad moves. However all in all, he started off well but I guess power corrupts just as absolute power corrupts absolutely.

With BN jumping in to 'save' the day, the people at BN were just behaving as they have been schooled like all other politicians in the country…. they are all students of the same political culture and institution; thus there will be no difference in approach nor personal benefits. BN is also hungry for power because it is connected with personal wealth and well-being; hang the Rakyat as there is so many to care for so why not "us" minority.

I may not be a legal begle but I believe the matter should be addressed as in the State's Contitution in the State Assembly, with an Emergency Session called for a vote of no-confidence. If the MB survives, he continues but if the motion is carried, then his government must resign. Is this not what AI had in mind in the Federal case when he wants to rule the country and in his impatience to be PM?

Only after all this should the matter be referred to HH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak for his royal consent. Kita orang Melayu and orang Melayu Perak ada adat dan bukan biadap dan kurang ajar!

In my opinion, it is time for all of us citizens and rakyat to understand certain things; –

1. Development is the responsibility of the Government of the Day! If the monkey forms the government, then we can have "Monkey" development for the people. SO be it BN or PR, do not tell us you can bring development because IT IS YOUR DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY to develop the country when in power.

2. Tell us what you and the party will do for the people's economics and their well-being. It is the matter of the hearts and the wallets/pockets because if we cannot survive economically on a personal basis, no matter if you build us a palace, we cannot nor afford to stay in there.

3. Its time to serve the rakyat and the constituents; not be Ketua Bahagian and Cawangan so that you enjoy the political patronage for Tenders and Contracts. As a representative elected to serve the people, for God's sake change and mend your ways.

"Ask not what the country can do for you (and your family) but what you (and your family)can do for the country and its people." "You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time." These are quotes that will put our representatives in the honourable houses in good stead but alas, we chose representatives who have more personal agendas of their own rather than the rakyat.

I hope we all start thinking and 'thinking right' without being politically biased in all our decisions; Insya'allah.

God bless.

– harvey