Accept the Facts!

This is Malaysia aka Boleh-Land and anything can happen here. A rich land abounded by millionaires amidst the global financial crisis where fortunes are created overnight with the stroke of a pen and by switching off one’s mobile phone. 

A country where resignation letters are worth millions of Ringgit. An opportunistic nation where even a non-Muslim, non-Malay invalid (spastic) possesses the prospect to join into the multi millionaire club.

Neither does Malaysia discriminate against people charged in court with corruption, nor does this democratic country adhere absolutely to the word of Law. Impartiality is a word not readily understood or recognized here. If you have sufficient zeros following a positive number in you bank account, you are the King here! Even the Rulers have to respect that. Checks and Balances are words utilized when auditing one’s eight (or nine) figure financial accounts, nothing more and the constitution is merely a piece of paper that one accepts when it suits them. If it doesn’t, there is always the Interpretation Act.

Democratic country turning into a Republic? Don’t delude yourself! It stinks and it bloody smells more like Despotism (with a pink tinge of Communism) to me. Even the supposedly “impartial” Elections Commission in getting into the act. And there is that person who is supposed to safeguard the interest of his subjects but failed miserably in doing so. A state government toppled not by an unforgivable scandal but lost to two corrupted politician (awaiting trial) and one lying “I was ill so I switched off my phone” invalid. Two rats and a female dog, a veritable menagerie of dishonorable animals.

Additionally, the question of whether those awaiting trial for corruption is lost in this melee of quandaries. Postponement and Deferment will be the keyword here. Zero verdict equals zero by-elections. Referendum? Never heard of that word before. Ultra vires by EC? Who is to sit in judgment of that fact?

For those who think that the situation can still be salvaged, wake up and smell the roses! Accept the facts and by the way, “Welcome to Malaysia”!

– Hakim Joe