The Sultan is Right, Idiots!

Hantu Laut

Was I wrong when I predicted the Sultan of Perak would not grant a dissolution of the assembly because there were no justifiable reason to do so. In my post 'Anwar: Don't Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face" I mentioned that the Sultan is not likely to agree to a dissolution. Surprisingly, some lawyers believe the Sultan must give consent to go back to the people for fresh mandate without looking at the situation closely.

What are the 59 assemblymen elected for ? Aren't they representatives and voices of the people ? Why must there be fresh mandate when majority of the people's representatives have decided they have no more confidence in the present government. If the people are not happy with the conducts of their elected representatives they have the opportunity to throw them out at the next elections.You just don't dissolve the assembly every now and then or whenever a few slime balls gone party hopping.

First and foremost, we have to respect the Constitution and not use our emotions to justify what we wanted and ignore what the law wanted.The constitution is very clear and have given the ruler flexibility to decide according to circumstances. The ruler cannot be faulted for any decision made as long as he acted in accordance with the law.The Sultan press release here.

The Sultan of Perak Azlan Shah had acted wisely and in accordance with the constitution.Those who said he had not were ruled by their heart, not their head, they based their argument by emotions because they happened to be Pakatan supporters. There were also lawyers who made wilful interpretation of the law, intentionally to confuse and rile up Pakatan supporters into believing that the Sultan had acted unjustly.

Was there a stalemate, chaos or no clear winner in this unpleasant episode ? There wasn't.None of those situation exists to justify a dissolution.

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