Sultan has the courage and wisdom to decide !

Sultan of Perak has the courage and wisdom to call for snap elections :

1)      This government of Perak is chosen by the rakyat, so we must make sure only rakyat decide the government, not another person, not the 4 ADUN.

2)       Sultan has the ultimate wisdom to decide one way or the others,  Sultan of Perak should will for fair play, call a snap election per the MB suggestion to let the rakyat decide,

3)       Sultan of the Perak has the courage and wisdom to tell of the BN or whoever it may be, like Perlis and also Terrengganu to do what is right, what is good for the rakyat, the mandate is from the rakyat.

4)      the 2 Adun is already facing corruption and sex charges in court, and why is rush into this ? ? what if they 2 are charged and found guilty, then we will have another by elections ?  and we will go through this again, this is not wise, so this is another reason for Sultan not to allow this type of new government

5)      Sultan should look at the composition of new Government, no Indian representation, not reflect multi racial and more important not the rakyat's wishes.

6)       The is like buying of the perak government, this is a joke, this will tell the world, anything in this world can be bought, like Perak government, use a 10M can buy 3 Adun or 4 adun, what is this, Sultan also cannot be fool  by this? 
Sultan if agreed to this kind of government, he is being fake, being bully, being look as do not has the wisdom to decide on this kind of tricky matter

7)       Sultan has the courage to make his own decision, for the rakyat, not for 1 or 3 individual,

8)       what is wrong with snap election, people the rakyat will decide ultimately.   That is democracy at work,  Perak sultan can choose to let the rakyat decide, nothing wrong.

9)       Pakatan Rakyat can also take the matter to court on the decision of the Election Commission not to resolve or vacant the 2 state seat of the Behrang and also the Cangkat Jering, the process will take time, and Pakatan rakyat will have time, so That is why, Sultan should call for snap election and let the people rakyat decide. 

Mengapa Perak mesti membubakan Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak (DUNP), 
a) ini kerajaan negeri perak tak ada wakil rakyat malaysia 
b) ini rompak kuasa ialah secara, secara gesa gesa, merompak kuasa tak peduli perasaan rakyat, perasaan Sultan, 
c) 2 orang Adun sedang di charge, siasat dan di tuduh rasuah, tapi mereka BN,Umno tak peduli ke ?
d) rakyat yang memilih kerajaan ADUN, dan kerajaan negeri Perak, bukan 4 Adun, bukan Jamarudin, bukan Osman, Bukan Hee, Bukan Nsaruddin, yang membuat pilihan kerajaan, 
e) Sultan have the wisdom to call for election, as the so called, BN government do not reflect on the rakyat's wishes, do not reflect the muhibah, not the racial composition ? this is not healthy 
f) mereka rompak, pay off to get to this kind of kerajaan, this is like selling or tender the government for sale, 
g) MACC must siasat that they are receiving money. check their account 
h) Sultan must show the displeasure, that this is not normal and not the wishes of the Sultan, not the wishes of the rakyat, we do not allow this kind of jumping party, like frog, play around with peoples'w trust, 
i) Sultan is high standing, with dignity and wisdom, he must exercise his right, like Perlis, like Trengganu, to tell of the BN, do not ast as you wish. 
Sultan of Perak has the courage to exercise his right, to call for snap elections. 
j) allow the rakyat to decide, not others.

please some one, Anwar, go and see Sultan to call a snap elections let the people rakyat decide.


By  –  Aziz2U