Points to Ponder: PAS and Perak

How did Nik Aziz manage to hold on to a seat majority for Kelantan in last election for 5 years?

PAS people are full of integrity as of now. I hope the act will continue so that Kedah will be protected.

No matter how controversial PAS at times at some touchy subjects, but when it come to integrity, they are number 1 ahead of DAP, PKR and UMNO.

Yesterday, for those who made comments about Perak, especially the politicians, you might regret of what you said in the near future if your comments are in support of the take-over by BN.

Politics is way dirtier than the business world in Malaysia. From yesterday events, you can see which politicians are only thinking about themselves and put themselves higher than our country and the rakyat. So sad, that one of them is most probably the next most powerful man in Malaysia.

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