Good people of Perak, guide your monarch, please

If he has not already, His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak must soon make a decision.

Dissolve the state Legislative Assembly and allow the people of Perak to vote afresh to resolve the current political crisis in the state, or allow BN to try and form a viable state government.

His Royal Highness, who must have the interest of his subjects at heart, has a difficult task at hand, and it might make that task lighter if Perakians would take time out and try and convey to His Royal Highness their wishes.

Tonight, there is a planned gathering outside the Perak MB’s residence. God Willing, I too, will be there.

Whilst it is planned as a show of support for the MB and the Pakatan state government, let it primarily be a gathering to appeal to His Royal Highness to heed the wishes of the rakyat and not that of the politicians.

In that respect, please let the gathering be a peaceful one by the rakyat, and not one for powerful fiery speeches of politicians.

If His Royal Highness is to take on board and give effect to the wishes of his subjects, then you, his subjects, must communicate with His Royal Highness.