The Moneyed King: Is Kedah Next?

Kedah may be the next one to go.The PR has 21 against BN 14, the BN needs only 4 to cross over to take the government.Selangor looked harder, but not impossible, the BN needs 9 to take the government.Once the BN get these few states, surely some MPs from Pakatan may not want to miss the train.

The ephemeral rule of Perak by Pakatan should be a lesson for them not to play with fire. Anwar Ibrahim's arrogance and game of cat and mouse had backfired on him.If you think you can do it we can do better seems to be what Najib must have said to himself quietly.At this juncture there is still no sign of the Sultan agreeing to dissolve the state assembly and it appears he is not likely to.Only 4 assemblymen have shifted out of the government and would probably change allegiance and support the BN to form the new government.Appears no justification to dissolve the whole assembly and spend unnecessary funds on fresh elections.

Picture of shocking disbelief and sadness

Now, Anwar Ibrahim can't scream injustice or accused the BN of undemocratic means, it was the game he started and wanted to play to take away BN's MPs to topple them so he could be prime minister.Unfortunately, none took his baits.His September 16 2008 dateline and his claim of 30 frogs crossing over to his side never took place.

Smiling Najib and jubilant BN politicians and party members

After almost a year, with the exception of SAPP leaving the BN, only one cross over from BN to PR took place and for less than two weeks the slime ball has returned back to UMNO and brought with him more PR assemblymen.

The only states in the PR stables that looked safe would be Penang and Kelantan.

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