Ezam’s Role in Perak Debacle

As I have exposed before ( Ezam Trying to Deliver Perak to BN/Ezam Hendak Memberi Perak Kepada BN ), Ezam Mat Nor's has a very important role in the current Perak problems. My expose, unfortunately, turned out to be very accurate.

It's also a wonder why Najib still trusts Ezam despite Ezam screwing up repeatedly before this. In fact, Terengganu UMNO's post mortem of PRK Kuala Terengganu has expressed Ezam as one of the factors contributing to K. Terengganu failure.

I've referred to my internal sources and it's confirmed by another blogger name Mat Saman Kati in his article entitled "Kisah dua EXCO PKR" These are the information i've received:

a. Ezam was using henchman and b***h name SD Johari. SD Johari is known for his total submission to Ezam's whims. Last time it used to be Lokman Nor Adam, but ever since Ezam framed him for being an UMNO mole to protect himself, the role has been taken by SD Johari.

b. Ezam's plan was executed during the Kuala TErengganu by election by using his operative (aka b****h) SD Johari. It seems SD Johari has been courting the two excos while campaigning in Kuala Terengganu

c. SD Johari's job was made easier on the count that Jamaluddin has been a god friend of Abdul Ghani Haron, another of the Ezam's followers. Ghani has been making the groundwork for Ezam, and SD Johari was applying the final touches during the KT by-election.

d. There is a third ADUN, YB Yunus from Kuala Kurau was also wooed by SD Johari but apparently he refused to be bought. The other target is YB Kesevan, the only KeAdilan Indian YB. But he refused to be bought as well.

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