RPK’s UMNO comment evokes a strange memory

I’m a PJ boy through and through. Spent the first 20 years of my life there. Lepak’ed in Jaya, hung around MPHs (MPH opened and closed in various parts of section 14) and also went to tuition there (that was nearly TWENTY YEARS ago). My tuition centre was in one of those old shoplots with three floors.

It was on the second floor. We used to walk up to the second floor and I wondered where the stairs led up to. Inevitably, the third floor! What was on the third floor?  An UMNO BRANCH! Only thing is, nothing went on up there. I checked at various times and really, nothing went on. Maybe they rented it for emergencies in case the rakyat rose up against them?

RPK evoked this strange memory for me today when he wrote,

Umno has 20,000 branches within 191 divisions. So they need to fabricate members to allow these branches to exist. The members do not really exist. They are just names to make up the numbers so that the branches can be created and thereafter perpetuated. Many branches are mere signboards to give an impression that they exist. There is really no branch activity as such

Is this the method of the ruling party? God save us all!

Farouk A. Peru