Perak: Of confusion, disarray, wisdom and ….

One word to describe Perak politics is disoriented. With so many claims and counterclaims and with theories abound, it seems that the stand for the 2 missing PKR ADUN is that of uncertainty between crossing over to UMNO, stay with PKR or succumb to the "so claimed" monetary gains.

With Perak MB's audience with HRH the Sultan of Perak, the declration by the State Speaker that the duo has resigned and the denial by the duo that they have resigned, this is going to be a constitutional intepretation. Will the EC of Malaysia declare the seats vacant? Will there be SD's flying back and forth? The drama is surely charging the adrenalins, higher than that of "Who shot JR of Dallas" fame.

The things that are puzzling are these :-

1. Both claims that they are on MC, surprisingly on the same day and the same time period;
2. Both claims that they are still loyal to PKR;
3. Both did not turn up personally during the press conference;
4. Both are sick but never informed their next of kins on their whereabouts as normal sick people do;
5. Both use their special officers to give the press conference, and coincidentally both press conference are held in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor

This scribe reading, between the lines are (and there are more to list) :-