Money, money-mad Malaysia

We need money to get by each day. We need money to meet our financial obligations. After all, who does not need money when almost the entire population lives on hire purchase, loans and credit. From car to credit card to the roof over your family — everything is on loan in this country.

But when you see money becoming the much sought after currency in politics these days, you have reason to worry and worry sick.

When you see anyone willing to do anything for the sake of money-at-all-cost, you know we are on a perilous journey. And our nation can only rot faster when it turns into a money, money-mad Malaysia.

Despite all the commentaries, court cases in tow, and numerous corruption index ratings, we continue to witness as we read of millions changing hands or suspected to be in the offing within our political corridors.

Look at the way our elections and by-elections are being concluded. The very party-hopping is a clear affirmation of a money-mad citizenry or political bureau.

One wonders where on earth did all that money suddenly appear to pay for mega sized billboards and monstrous floats that clothe our dirty politicking with carnival-like atmospheres.

It is not a hidden secret that many people are on the take these days. From the lone cop to the enforcement officer on the beat all the way through the business world to political leaders — money seems to talk louder for these people.

Our honorable PM who always never fails to keep his 'big ears' to the ground should be in the best of positions to tell us that yes money-politics is rife within party circles.

Every businessman will trade a story at the warong of how he or she has to take care of people in order to secure or keep a badly needed contract.

We trade examination papers for money – just take into account the past incidents as reported in the media. We give under table tokens to move files faster as admitted by our numero-uno judge. We wager millions to get elected individuals to jump ship. We even C4-ed a lone woman because of money.

Look at all the multi-billion ringgit mega projects. Or the extravagant Monsoon Cup debacle. Do these not reek of money, money, money. Or how about the controversial APs in the offing?

Some desperate hopeless souls will counter argue that we need money, more money to inject stimulus into the economy. That making more money is not sinful.

Yes, that is true. But here we are taking a look at how money-mad Malaysia is making a few get away with the wealth of the larger portion of the rakyat.

We are talking of the way money has become the sole motivating factor to move on and the only reason to be around.

We are talking about how the championing of values, philosophy and righteousness are sneered at by many Malaysians. Sacrifice, selfless service, values and virtues are not the preferred currency in money-mad Malaysia.

How much more one can make is a prefered measure of success today. And the politicians are guilty for this erosion of our fundamentals.


– J. D. Lovrenciear, Semenyih