A band of young men from FT Pemuda and Putera claiming to represent Umno’s 2,500 delegates demonstrated last week at PWTC against the MACC and against Umno’s Disciplinary Board. They claimed to represent the 2,500 Umno delegates who will converge on PWTC in March.

Let me respect their view by trying to understand precisely what they were saying.

They carried placards saying “Kami Menolak Campurtangan SPRM” and “Jangan Ambil Hak Ahli UMNO.”  These brave young men of the party called Tengku Rithaudeen senile and the Prime Minister a coward for their roles in the Disciplinary Board and the MACC respectively.

They oppose the MACC because it infringes upon Umno members’ rights. On the most generous interpretation they were saying it is the right of Umno and not of the MACC to define what constitutes corrupt and illegal behaviour. One set of laws for society, another for Umno. Alas, even within Umno, no law is to be enforced impartially since the Disciplinary Board is “senile. ” It has not caught up with today’s Umno.

Today’s Umno, as one blogger puts it, openly embraces corruption as a means to secure power and positions. And it’s Umno’s right to continue in this way without legal interference.