MACC: Demonstrators Should Be “Saved”

By YU MIYE, Sin Chew Daily

Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan, Chief Commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission (MACC), said he was disappointed with the action of hundreds of UMNO members demonstrating at the party headquarters against the commission for conducting investigations on money politics within the party.

Ahmad Said Hamdan told Sin Chew Daily that people should go and "save" those demonstrating against the MACC.

He said UMNO did not reject the MACC, only that a small group of people had attempted to misguide the public.

He also stressed that for the sake of all Malaysians, the commission would face all the challenges, adding that the responsibility of the commission is to combat corruption, and it would therefore continue to probe the complaints on money politics, whether UMNO likes it or not.

He said the MACC had appointed deputy commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohammad to take full charge of the money politics issues.

However, money politics in other states will be handled by local MACC officers.

Ahmad Said Hamdan said, while the UMNO disciplinary committee investigates the complaints, the MACC will also do the same.

"Even if the disciplinary committee is investigating the complaints, we will still conduct our own investigations. It doesn't matter if there is any overlapping, but we still need to conduct our own investigations." (Translated by DOMINIC LOH)