Drama on the high Perak seas

Update: I think the latest word is that we will be seeing at least two by-elections in the two seats vacated by the missing PKR reps.

Talk about volatile.

Let me summarise, just to take stock. Two PKR state assemblymen have been held incommunicado, one DAP assemblywoman has been conspicuously absent of late.

Let’s recount the worst case scenario. Assuming all three crossover to BN, there is still the matter of undated letters of resignation for the Pakatan representatives that were signed back in March 2008. A brilliant insurance tactic, in hindsight.

If political chaos were truly to reign, there is always the complete dissolution of the Perak state assembly, necessitating fresh elections for the whole state. The only thing that can stand in the way of this is the lack of the Sultan’s approval, or some sort of martial law imposed by the Federal Government.

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