BN backbenchers’ show your patriotism to the people

HINDRAF challenges the non-Indian BN-led backbenchers to show their patriotism towards the people they represent in moving an urgent motion in Parliament to debate the murder of a suspect in Police custody and the blatant attempt to cover up the saga by the top brass of the Royal Police Force. The whole episode is a national issue and not a racial one. It is pointless for the Indian Deputy Minister (S.K.Devamany) to urge the people not to turn this episode into a racial issue without the active participation of non-Indian Parliamentarians coming openly to voice out against injustices irrespective of which race is affected.

There is no doubt there will be many fair and level-minded non-Indian BN backbenchers who can observe in Kugan's case that there is clear abuse of Article 5 & Article 8 of the Federal constitution accorded to every citizen of Malaysia irrespective of race, religion, color and following.

A backbencher's allegiance is to the people he/she represents in Malaysia, and here we have substandard implementation of policies and rule of law that are used to shackle the people. Yet the UMNO-led warlords and its Royal Police Force can continue with their coercive authority against the society's will.

The bullying tactics of the UMNO warlords and its Royal Police Force seems endless against the Malaysian public's plight with their constant disregard of public outcry as they continue to see themselves as above the law of the country with their selective persecution, prosecution and propaganda.

It is about time the non-Indian BN backbenchers pull up their socks as Kugan's case involves a larger cause for the society rather than an Indian issue as it cuts across the basic fundamental rights entrenched in our Federal Constitution for each and every Malaysian citizen.

HINDRAF urges the BN backbenchers to initiate an Emergency Motion at the next Parliamentary session to question the flawed administration of law and justice that is prevailing in this country and call for the immediate implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Police Force.

Any effort without fear or favor by non-Indian BN backbenchers would at least restore some faith in the flagging trust of the public in Barisan Nasional or BN backbenchers would rather live in a denial mode in slavery of corruption, nepotism and cronyism like the UMNO warlords who trample over every basic human right afforded to each and everyone of us.

Thank you.

P. WaythaMoorthy