Latest Update on my Case – Paula

The day I had been dreading for the past two months finally arrived. I set my alarm clock to ring at 5 minute intervals for I only managed to hit the sack peacefully at 3 a.m. (early by normal post Nov. 15th standards) after reading Angela's message and another blog reader's email for me to get some sleep.

Early in the morning, Uncle Robert Choo had called and Angela smsed me to wish me luck. At Speedy Gonzales speed, we all got ready and were ready to roll.

My patient and positive hubby drove my younger boy and I to the Patani Road Police Station. Before we left the house, George and Lucia smsed to say that they were already there. En route, Prema Devaraj(Women's Crisis Centre) smsed to say that she was there already as well so hubby drove at a faster than normal speed and we arrived safely.

Richard Loh was already there and Prema was in the police station waiting for me while Lucia and George were having their breakfast nearby.

Soon, How Whee and Andrew arrived followed by Teik Lim, Dalbinder, TH Lim, Helen Ang (Centre for Policy Initiatives) Mr. Loh, MPLiew Chin Tong, BK Ong and Kasee.

Front row: Hubby, Prema, Me, Lucia, How Whee, George
Back row: Teik Lim, Dalbinder, Andrew, Richard
Pic taken by my 10 year-old son

Right on the dot at 8.30 a.m., my lawyer Cecil Rajendra arrived. Together with Cecil, Prema and my hubby, I walked in with more courage and positivism than I expected.

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