Ezam Mohd Noor: A moribund character

I refer to http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/96873. In the course of history, there have been soulless and perfidious elements who had no higher purpose in life, but one Ezam Mat Noor takes us to a new level. The greatest gift God has given mankind is the inherent dignity human beings feel and own. In fact, inherent dignity is neither conquered nor destroyed. People die for it and it is supreme. That's why people say dignity has its price.  But also there have been people who have been denied the gift of both knowing and protecting it and one of them is Ezam.

Ezam was the most juvenile and vulgar element of PKR during the Reformasi. He called Tun Dr Mahathir unprintable names. All is captured in video and writing. He exhausted every bad word against the elder statesman. There were many people who fought Dr M, intellectuals, students, NGOs, politicians and other segments of the society but no person was cheap and vulgar than Ezam. The people who were with Ezam in PKR are today MPs, Aduns and senior party leaders. As they fought Dr M and Umno together, none used base language and none behaved like a wild person, of course except few; but even those few couldn't do a fraction of what Ezam was doing and did.

Why was Ezam behaving like a primate? The reason is he didn't have higher ideals. He was literally worshipping Anwar Ibrahim. He was a young man who was angry that he was ejected out of power. Of course, he didn't have power but walking on the red carpets laid down for Anwar was too tantalizing. He went on rage and puked on the shoes of everyone. But many opposition members didn't mind his uncouth culture. They felt the man they were fighting was uncouth and therefore fire had to be fought with fire. Furthermore, being in the opposition and facing a mighty machine, hatchet-men and women were needed to attract attention and remain afloat.

Ezam talked of 'high secrets', 'confidential boxes', 'corruption papers' and many more vowing to "unearth Mahathir and his cronies". In one video interview, he calls Mahathir a tin-pot dictator who "stole the nation's wealth for himself and children like Suharto." Ezam paid the price for his Anwar worship and went to jail. Dr M left office and Abdullah Badawi riding on "Oh…Mahathir left" popular wave cruised to a crushing victory. In the process, Ezam's dubious character of eating from both camps was unearthed.

Anwar Ibrahim was released. He went outside both for medical reasons and also as he said, to "give Badawi enough space to operate." Despite that, he started rebuilding a tattered party, building alliances, bridging gaps and formulating policies. It was here that Anwar was forced to choose his soldiers wisely. Having learnt from his 1998 episode, he became stealth and very cautious. Though accommodative to all, he trusted few. Despite going to jail for his worship, Ezam was not part of the trusted lieutenants in the new era despite being one in the past. Though I'm not a PKR member, I generally support PAS and PKR and have many good friends in both parties. A highly placed PKR man told me: "Anwar opted for stealth people like him and it was here that Azmin Ali carried the day."

The PKR source added: 'Azmin unlike Ezam doesn't have ego. But Ezam would want to be noticed even if he wants to go the toilet. He is so full of himself while Azmin is a master strategist but prefers behind the scenes maneuvers.' The only handicap Azmin has said my friend, is that unlike Anwar, he is not an orator per excellence. He said building new alliances and starting from scratch needed patient people who were always civil. Ezam as we know is not civil. For example, Azmin Ali was Anwar's most trusted aide and not Ezam. Nor was Ezam accessible to Anwar as he wanted unlike Azmin who had the keys to Anwar's office. Azmin too was jailed under the ISA but despite that, he has never badmouthed Dr Mahathir in a disparaging manner neither did he call Umno unprintable names unlike Ezam. The difference was stark. One was a natural born leader, very cool and civil. The other was a temperamental opportunist who didn't appreciate any higher ideals. In the process, Ezam quit PKR. As we remember, he said Anwar was a dictator and Azmin Ali a chief manipulator. (I.e he manipulated Anwar into becoming his right hand man: a job Ezam wanted). During the Permatang Pauh by-election, Ezam revealed his inherent inferiority and jealousy and said: "I have not been accommodated in PKR which I suffered for as I wanted." No need to explain this.

Ezam formed Gerak (ironically bankrolled by Umno's most corrupted man). He languished in obscurity and irrelevance though he continued lashing at Umno and purporting to lodge report after report on its "massive corruption". He remained so until the March 08 came where Anwar led 3 disparate parties into a historical win. Then Anwar started courting BN MPs. BN and in particular Umno went into panic overdrive. Khairy bought Ezam in the hope that he will blunt Anwar's advances. The problem is that Ezam was not a leader of any group or society. He has never been an Adun let alone an MP. His only claim to office-hood was his being an Anwar's clerk. So one wonders why Badawi listened to his SIL's advice that Ezam should be bought and used. Anyway it happened.

When Ezam joined Umno, he said he joined the party to "fight corruption". Never mind what he has been saying all along. But such claim was an insult on Umno members and leaders. He was projecting himself as Umno savior and lampooning the 3 million members as hapless corrupt people waiting for his "deliverance" Despite that, Umno media (pro-Abdullah by then) started giving him limelight. Former NST Editor-in-Chief Dato' A. Kadir Jasin laughed at Ezam's preposterous claim that he has joined Umno to fight corruption. "Betulkaa?" asked the veteran journalist in jest.    

Later, when asked why he has left PKR (almost 2 years earlier), he said it was because Anwar deviated from PKR's mission which was to have a multiracial party but with Malay leadership. Everyone was flabbergasted. Veteran blogger Patrick Teoh (Niamah) asked then in a blog post: now what does that mean? Of course, it was an oxymoron claim. As everyone knows, PKR is a true multiracial party but it is in the grip of Malay leadership. The Party President and Deputy President are Malays. The two most influential out of 5 Vice Presidents are Malays. Wanita and Youth chiefs are Malays. All State Liaisons including Sabah and Sarawak are Malays. All Youth state leaders are Malays. The Party Advisor, Sec. General etc are Malays and 67% of PKR MPs are Malays. In other words, the party is multiracial and has many non-Malay leadership MPs, Aduns and etc but it is in Malay stranglehold. Or the party's first tier leadership is Malay while the 2nd in non-Malay. Considering the demographics of the country, it can be said it is well balanced.

Then Ezam came with another reason. He said he ditched PKR because Anwar betrayed the Malays by trying to modify NEP. Never mind that it was 1 year after Ezam left that Anwar announced his new Economic Policy, therefore he was lying. In 2004, Ezam is on record of castigating the policy saying it has fallen into 'private hands.' Anyway his lies were evident. NEP is castigated by the royalties let alone the politicians and many Umno leaders admitted that it has been hijacked. The latest voice was that of Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah who said Tun Dr Ismail's intention to have NEP feeding all Malaysians irrespective of race was ignored leading to the criticisms it has received. Kelantan MB Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Aziz has a policy of feeding all poor Kelantanese irrespective of race and creed. We can say he has been sticking to Tun Dr Ismail's policy. So Anwar's new policy which is restoring Tun Dr Ismail's intention is nothing new. It is what NEP was intended to be and it is what Tok Guru Nik Aziz has been doing. You can't refuse to feed hungry Chinese and Indians because of their race. That's defying God Who has created them. That's blaming them for being Chinese and Indians yet they didn't choose to be the same.

Then Ezam came up with another joke. 'The boxes' are with Anwar he said. Of course we know about that stale story. But for years, he has been claiming that he has them and will reveal them to Malaysians when the right time comes. Then in a Bloomberg Report, he was quoted saying that he has left PKR "because Anwar is too much interested in power." Never mind PKR was in a coma when he has left. Therefore Anwar claiming a stake in the nation's leadership was out of the question by then. Then came Anwar has rewarded some 15 cronies with contracts worth of billions. He was challenged to produce one out of the 15 but he had none. But by claiming that, he was showing his nefarious character and perfidious soul. If he could see Anwar was corrupt, why didn't he resign from Anwar's office when the latter was in office? What integrity does he have to claim that when he cherished it (of course if it had happened?). In other words, he was part of evil (judging by his claims) but when the proceeds got finished, he started making noises.  

During the Permatang Pauh (PP) by-election, he went round inventing every imaginable calumny against Anwar. The trouble is: he has done the same to others before and people know he was the only PKR member who was worshipping Anwar while the rest fought for ideals. So his rants didn't hold water. His stinking politics and Umno's anal politics was rejected in a resounding manner. He went underground and was only found when KT by-election arose. Prostitutes are not found all seasons you know. One Baradan Kuppusamy of The Malaysian Insider asked him why he had failed in PP since he was contracted to character assassinate Anwar. His reason? He doesn't have a senior post in Umno. So the boy is behaving like a primate to get a post in a party that he has defiled. Umno must be beyond salvation point to harbor such elements. Malay intellectual Dr Bakri Musa called Ezam a certified buffoon who even doesn't have the intelligence of a grass-hopper. Yahoo!

Ezam told Baradan that will continue taking a dig at Anwar in KT. Of course, being a grass-hopper intelligence wise, he didn't understand that voters in KT weren't interested in Anwar as a person neither were they waiting for his rants. They wanted to be told about the failing education, the rising prices, the Monsoon drains, rising insecurity, failing economy, racial divide, poverty eradication, inequality in income, failing health standards, joblessness and social ills. Umno being Umno employed him in the hope that he will convince few fence sitters. But I ask: how does a voter get convinced by Ezam of all people? Pas people were happy that he was in KT. Though many Umno leaders denied him the opportunity to address their gatherings, (at least 3 groups chased him away), Pas still wanted to have him around. In an electoral battle where inherent dignity and societal manners reined supreme, having a soulless character like Ezam was a bonus for Pas and Pakatan.

Ezam's desperate antics took a notch higher in KT. He came up with another joke. "The boxes are kept outside the country" by Anwar he claimed. He must be in a state of a paralysis but what puzzles me is those who use a mad man like him to gain ground. Subhannalah! Now that was the biggest joke he has made in one decade. Then he came up with a new reason why he has left PKR: "The boxes contain evidences against Anwar cronies and because of that I left PKR" he said. Ya Allah! Never mind what he has been saying for years and years in relation to Mahathir and Umno and the boxes.

Then came the most base move he could make: the Anwar Ibrahim letter. He threatened to reveal a letter in which Anwar sought to make peace with Mahathir. An elderly man in Ladang, KT, asked me: 'Is he praising Anwar or lampooning him'? Well, I didn't know what to say. To seek peace and show restraint is what few people can do. To thank others and call for dialogue is what the Quran says few people can do. It is difficult. But what was he to gain by saying Anwar sought to mend fences with Mahathir? For one, Anwar as a Muslim and a Malay should have done that. And if he did, then that is marvelous. But when hatred blinds you, you descend to a level that's beyond salvation point and one Ezam Mat Noor is in a ditch.

His paralyzed personality and feeble mind was in display for all to see. For one, the letter he has shown was published in 1999 in the Free Anwar Ibrahim Campaign. It was also published in many other personal blogs and it was also published in Malaysia-Today even last year. Top notch cartoonist, blogger Mob's Crib drew Ezam holding the letters with a caption: KT: Proof that BN goons are Idiots. Calling Ezam the new ZAM, he said, at least Ezam has shown that Anwar speaks impeccable Bahasa while he (Ezam) was an idiot. Personally, I read the letter in 1999 in the Free Anwar Ibrahim Campaign.

But the shock of life was when Ezam claimed that he sought the permission of Badawi and Najib to reveal the letter. I couldn't believe what I read. If that's true and I doubt it knowing how an incorrigible liar Ezam is, then it proves that Dollah and Najib are beyond salvation point. How can you seek permission for a letter that has been in the public domain for 10 years? And the letter showed the positive nature of Anwar than any anything else. What is the wisdom behind "revealing" it? But that's what you get when you rely on scandalous minds. Petty and puerile!

Veteran journalist Jailani Harun who was contracted by the Terengganu state to write some propaganda in the state's election bulletin GANUkita reported in his blog that many Umno people were shunning Ezam like a plague and even objected to his presence in their ceremahs. Basically they know what kind of an element he is. It was then that I came to know that ordinary Umno people are very intelligent but Umno is in paralysis because of poor leadership. Now that tells me why Umno will be dying soon. If Najib in his desperate attempt to deflect attention can't even know who and what employ and he is the one who will taking over from Abdullah, then the gods must be smiling on Pakatan.

The questions that many people ask is these: who is Ezam to compare himself to Anwar? There is difference between Anwar being wrong on this or that and Ezam highlighting it,  and Ezam pretending to be Anwar's equal. Here you have a 2nd Hon. Economy graduate from a provincial university who doesn't have any leadership experience apart from being a coffee boy for a former DPM. Ezam wasn't elected by any community to represent it. He was rejected by voters when he tried to become an MP. He has never been an Adun. But because of his ego, he wants to be given too much consideration. Anwar was in public office for decades and even become an acting PM and ran ministries and is a global figure who enjoys runway popularity. Even in Malaysia, though all politicians have supporters, like Dato' Kadir Jasin observed in a comparison he made between Najib and Anwar in his blog after the March 08 watershed elections, he said it is only Anwar who enjoys fanatical support.

Well, who is Ezam to be used against Anwar? Does the fact that he was privy to some few things make him a weapon against Anwar? And isn't that indecent? It only boomerangs. It only shows the perfidy of Ezam and his users. It only makes people ask: how can he reveal a letter (or something of the sort) he was trusted to deliver or do? Then the moral question of him wanting it to do way back puts him in a dilemma. And that's why some Umno members protested against his presence in KT by writing a letter to the Malay Mail. It is like an unfaithful man/woman who was divorced but goes around saying his/her wife/husband did this (private affair) or that. Ish! Trust is an integral part of refined people. That's why it is cherished by all moral beings. As much as I want Ezam to be around especially during by-elections (what else does can he do), he is disgusting, has hit the bottom of the barrel and makes you lose faith in humanity.

When PR was using dignified people like Former Umno Petaling Jaya Selatan division leader Capt.(R) Zahar Hashim and Dato' Zaid Ibrahim, Umno (or rather Najib and Abdullah since ordinary Umno members avoided him) was using Ezam. You think people fail to make comparisons? To compare notes? Who told you badmouthing your opponent particularly by sour grapes makes you gain ground? Who told you employing pariah elements convinces people? Remember, voters have dignity and have issues and questions. They want those answered and they want the ones who are answering to be impeccable people. Ezam was there vomiting on the shoes of Umno and its leaders before and he was there doing the same in KT. He even dared Pas Vice President Husam Musa. As usual, Ezam swore and challenged Husam to do the same and meet for a swearing session. Knowing his diseased ego, Husam in a most sarcastic manner answered that swearing was for those who weren't sure of themselves and that he (Husam) was not a 'Tokoh' unlike Ezam. It was a devastating sarcasm. 

A blog entry made in Pas forum Tranungkite said Ezam should be given an Anugerah in oath taking. That was a killer. If you watch his 1999-2002 videos, after every 2 minutes, he will swear on this and on that. For one decade, he has been swearing. But as Muslims know, swearing is the shield of the hypocrites. That's why Allah s.w states: "They (hypocrites) have made their oaths a screen (for their misdeeds): thus they obstruct (men) from the Path of Allah. truly evil are their deeds." (Quran 63: 2). That's why the Quran instructs Muslims to refuse to accept oath ready people and whatever they say. "Heed not the type of despicable men,- ready with oaths. A slanderer, going about with calumnies. (Habitually) hindering (all) good, transgressing beyond bounds, deep in sin. Violent (and cruel), – with all that, base-born." (Quran 98: 10-13) Whether Ezam fits into the above description or not, even the unborn can answer.

Finally, this is my advice to Ezam. You claim to be fighting for Islam and the Malay people. Sir, neither Islam nor the Malays have ordained you to speak on their behalf. Islam has its Protector in Allah the Almighty. Furthermore Islam is about ideals, dignity, trustworthiness, shyness, humility, manners, patience, benevolence,forgiveness, humbleness and you exhibit none. Go and learn Islam before you "defend" it. For the Malay people: their Protector too is Allah the Almighty. For earthly issues, the Malays have elected leadership and they aren't represented by pariahs and small minds of your ilk. You were elected by who? By what law by what justice do you pretend that you represent anyone? You are a mental wreckage that can't be fixed and your bunkum can't win over anyone including the moribund elements. Strange that Umno Matrempits avoid you today. Others can't wait to give you the boot once the small minded Badawi exits.

I hope that you will do some good for your wife, children and parents by carrying yourself with dignity. I doubt you can do, but I really feel disturbed that you are putting your own parents and children in the line of disdain and ridicule. Go and do something good with your life. That's if you are living in the first place. (I asked a young PKR leader: 'hey…why don't you respond to the antics of Ezam'? He smiled and said: 'you respond to the living not the dead'.) No wonder PKR and PAS leaders including the young feel too dignified to bandy words with him. This is sending him into tailspin and that's why he is behaving like a nut. Please pray for him because he has a wife, children and parents. For the Umno people, continue using him 'And don't give us any of of the proceeds'. (A Somali proverb meaning sour grapes/jealous people don't yield results).    


Kadir Ahmad (kadirow)