PJ Vigil 04/2009 (16th) Hand-in-Hand & Side-by-Side

The 16th Anti-ISA Vigil held on 25 January 2009 at MBPJ Civic Centre, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in which DSAI and the MB of Selangor lent their support to protest the ISA and the persecution of Palestinians.

The night of 25th of January 2009, being the eve of the Lunar New Year meant that most chinese families gather for their reunion dinner. Co-incidentally, the anti-I.S.A. supporters gathered at the Civic Centre together with the Coalition of Malaysian NGOs against Persecution of Palestinians (COMPLETE).

I arrived quite late, owing to a mini reunion dinner of my own. There were some policemen on the main road. Walking past them, I saw canopies and stalls set up, to sell an assortment of interesting stuff. I gave them my support and bought 2 tee-shirts and a badge!

A little further, I saw the familiar faces of the "vigil family" that I've come to know and love. Immediately, I smile because it is a reunion of sorts to meet and greet fellow Malaysians on such an auspicious day for the Chinese. It's a feel good moment!

This is a picture I took just after my dinner, I loved the combination of the neatly-arranged lights and lanterns. Although the shop was closed, it lit up that street so beautifully. It added to the aura of Chinese New Year to those who dined nearby.

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