By- election again

Dust has just settled in Kuala Terenggnu. I am referring to the by-election, which was just concluded. Many people predicated PAS to win. It did.

They made it right this time. But what many didn’t get it right was the number of majority. I know, a hell of a job to get this one precisely right. No one could, not even the king of bomohs.

There is one more by-election looming in the horizon, that is, P182, Pensiangan in Sabah.

Tan Sri Joseph Kurup the President of PBRS, held this Parliamentary constituency until it was nullified by the court of law recently.

PBRS is another BN component political party in the State.

Kurup won the seat in the last March General Election uncontested, and now waiting judgment from the Court of his (Kurup’s) appeal.

I’m sure it is going to be equally highly anticipated by election should the court decide to make it happen.

Find out why this is going to be a grand fanfare: