Update on the A. Kugan case

Got calls from two sources a little before 5pm today to say that the family of A Kugan have just been given permission by the relevant authorities for a second post-mortem to be performed.

Nanda headed out to the University Hospital where it was understood the second autopsy was to be carried out.

Got one call from Nanda around 6pm. Informed that YB Gobind Singh, YB Sivarasa, YB Manikavasagam and lawyer  Surendran  together with family members of Kugan were at the hospital. Selangor CPO was now being ambivalent  about whether the second post-mortem had been consented to. Seems that the earlier confirmation had been communicated orally by some senior police officer from the balai in Subang Jaya.

Just before 7pm, Nanda called again to say that its settled. Although the CPO was being difficult about the choice of pathologist, the family’s wishes have prevailed.

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