Persiangan Next?

Kuala Terenganu by-election is over and for sure BN is gearing up for Persiangan. Will BN attack Persiangan with Millions of ringgit?

To beat BN in Persiangan Sabah, the fight must be 1 vs 1. PKR must work with SAPP in order to fill just one candidate on their side. I don’t care if the opposition candidate is from PKR or SAPP but I prefer him / her to be local Persiangan so that the YAB can truly represent the people. Equally important is to make sure the candidate won’t jump, for Sabah is famous for frogging YABs!

Just like Datuk Shahril Samad said, Sabahans are different from Semenanjung for most of them are still honest citizens and rely heavily on their leader for decisions. For that reason, Persiangan YAB must be someone who is willing to work for the people.

I would love the opposition to win to show BN aka UMNO not to look down on Sabahans, so that they will listen to Sabahans and not give us the same empty promises that they have been giving for the past 45 years, especially to Sabah natives.

During the last General Election, BN UMNO made a documentary about the development they have brought to Sabah and its people. Those are all lies! A small bridge like the one at Karamatoi also BN didn’t take good care of it, what else they want to talk about development. For sure, BN tried to make locals of Persiangan look like idiots once more with that free movie.

Persiangan people won’t be satisfied with sweets that will finish in the mouth as the sweets will not be able to fulfill your hunger.

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