I know.

Maybe it's asking too much of you, seeing as 28th of Jan is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year but please spare some time to support Paula Khoo at the Pattani Rd Police Station, 8am.

I can't really verify the place & time as Paula's gone off-air as masterwordsmith but if she's reading this, she will guide me gently to the truth.

All I know is Pattani Road Police Station 8am, was the place & time Paula was asked to appear in Dec to post her bail.

Am I worried? Frankly. YES

Seeing as our 23 folk heroes in KL/PJ have been charged today for illegal gathering.

Yes Peeps. Once again you are all right.
ONLY in bananalalaland, do we have more than our share of morons & oxymorons co-existing so well.
Must be a combo of the amno air they breathe & the bananas thrown to them by their keepers that makes these apes go wild.

BUT I trust you Penangnites to do the Honorable thing.

After all, if you read this & do nothing, it's only your conscience that you have to live with.

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