Armed with Lemang and Mandarin Oranges Treacherous?


By Pat Lu, Co-Founder, Pahlawan Volunteers 
PETALING JAYA, 18 Jan – Police ordered the participants of the 15th Anti-ISA Vigil cum KT By-Election Victory Pot Luck Party to disperse at MBPJ. It was deemed as an “illegal gathering” though the open-air party was held on private property with the blessing of MBPJ. After the potluck at the MBPJ premises was disrupted, participants moved it to the Lotus Restaurant opposite. Watch the videos below.

Part 1: Here comes the Party Poopers (Police)

Part 2: The Countdown to Disperse


Part 3: Ordered off the Street as well 

Part 4: Pot Luck Party in full swing at Lotus Restaurant

Rakyat@work reports from the PJ Abolish ISA vigil: 
“Too many troops spoil the soup.”
Indeed last night’s PJ Abolish ISA vigil, pot-luck style, caused so much confusion amongst many of the rakyat who came prepared with home-cooked food to share with everyone.
Instead, at about 8.20pm, an operation to ‘lock down’ the PJ Civil Centre turned it into a ‘centre of shame’.
First, the authorities were jittery about lighted candles; now food? What’s next? More than a hundred police and FRU personnel were deployed to monitor some 150 ordinary citizens armed with plastic forks and spoons. Roads were blocked and traffic diverted. I stood there amazed at the sheer extent of the police operations. It was massive.
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PAT LU, Co-Founder, Pahlawan Volunteers, a Malaysian Voluntary and Advocacy Group.
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