Watch the spin doctors come out

– to save Najib’s sorry ass by trying to hang the KT loss round Pak Lah's neck

Malaysianinsider reported soon after the KT by-election results were known that PAS president Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang ‘took the opportunity to pile pressure on Najib, and said that with this defeat for BN, it was perhaps better that Abdullah stays back as prime minister for now. “I want Pak Lah to remain as PM to see through his reforms. “Pak Lah has shown an open attitude and his leadership has brought much change”

Dr M, who had speculated earlier on in his blog that come March, 2009, when Najib assumes the throne in UMNO, Pak Lah may choose not to step down as PM, would have us believe that the loss of KT was a vote of no confidence against Pak Lah and not a reflection of the sentiment of the KT voters of Najib as the PM-in-waiting.

Dr M, in his obsession to see the last of Pak Lah come end March, forgets that with the announcement in October last year of the transition of power pact between Pak lah and Najib, there is no more reason for a vote of no confidence in Pak Lah who is publicly perceived as on his way out.

The loss of Permatang Pauh in August a reflection on Pak Lah, perhaps, but KT?

And as so many media reports have readily acknowledged, nobody ran around KT as much as Najib did to get votes for the BN candidate.

Well, Najib and Rosmah.

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