Renaissance of 916

The convincing victory on Saturday by-election to the Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance to wrest the parliamentary seat of Kuala Terengganu from the incumbent could well be the ‘renaissance of 916` for Anwar Ibrahim to manoeuvre his political one-upmanship to take over the government following the unsuccessful bid to do so on the16 Sept (916) last year.

The outcome of the by-election is of no surprise but it performed better than expected with a majority of 2631 votes to the opposition alliance partner PAS, it is seen as a catalyst to bring down the BN government in the shortest possible time before the next general election. Although the result is a far cry from the anti-Government landslides in the Permatang Pauh by-election in Sept/08, and the political tsunami in March/08 general election. It is irrefutably a humiliating loss to BN and a major blow to the PM in waiting Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak who failed to gain the confidence of the people and the credential he desperately needs to take over the reign in March when PM Abdullah Badawi steps down. The opposition win will not change the government but it is of grave concern to Najib that not only Anwar-led PR opposition alliance had made a significant inroad to the BN heartland, but the ripples of the aftermath of March/08 tsunami is not waning but waxing. The by-election outcome is an early warning system to the BN that there is a second wave of tsunami seen on the horizon, unstoppable, powerful and fast approaching bringing annihilation to the government either at the next general election or sooner.


BN’s desperate campaigns exploiting the hudud law and the onslaught on the perception of opposition alliance disunity on this issue has dramatically backfired. Even UMNO’s attack dog Ezam Nor has caught the tail between his legs by revealing an obsolete 10 years old confidential letter on Anwar. There were incidents of government vote-buying and coercion reported as campaigning intensified but had not turned the people away from voting for the opposition.


The by-election win for the opposition has added credence and acceptance to convince and to entice more BN MPs cross-over to the opposition because it showed the PR opposition alliance is united with cohesive efforts from both PKR and DAP putting all resources to help PAS to win this election. This is despite that there are disagreements and debates on issues but these are parts and parcels of a liberal democracy. The win has strengthened the opposition alliance as a united and credible alternative to form the government with Anwar as the next PM as the only hope to reform and to bring a new dawn to Malaysia.

The people has resoundingly rejected Badawi’s plan to step down in March and give an easy ride for Najib to take over the helm, Malaysians are disappointed with Badawi abandoned the ship amid the global financial crisis. The people are also doubtful of Najib with the many allegations of corruptions made against him and the mystery of Altantuya’s murder case hang over his head.

Anwar has been consistent, calm, steadfast and immutable in his message of hope to bring sweeping reforms to Malaysia by implementing the Malaysian Economic Agenda which embraced economic empowerment and social justice, a blueprint germinated from the book “The Asian Renaissance” he wrote more than 10 years ago. With the Malaysian Economic Agenda Anwar promised to bring a new era of just, progressive and long-term economic prosperity to Malaysia for all Malaysians regardless of race and religion; the right to an invaluable and equality of opportunity and treatment to all especially the poor and the needy.


The Pakatan Rakyat alliance must remain united, effective and strong, the sooner it forms the government with Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister of Malaysia the better it speaks for all Malaysians; Anwar offers hope and optimism not fear and despair.

– Daniel Lim