Confidence & The Art of Lying

Policymakers are apt to think that they are creating confidence by saying that "everything is going to be alright."

Confidence is created when the public knows that the policymakers have done their homework – i.e. diligently collecting data, analysing the situation, and thinking through the whole situation – and then they make their pronouncement – that "everything is going to be alright."

But when we know that the policymakers have been busy making public pronouncements left right and centre everyday to seek attention, and in the midst of their busy schedule they came out to say something like "everything is going to be alright," the general public knows that these people are bullshitting.

The general public knows that these peple are bullshitting because we see these people all over the place – they kiss babies and babes, they slaughter buffaloes and pretty girls, they put on their pearls and glittering jewels, they put on their shiny suits and gowns, they carry themselves like princes and princesses, they talk like they know everything, they talk like everybody is stupid.

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