Barack Obama VS Najib Tun Razak

Prior to the 44th US presidential inauguration on Jan 20, President-elect Barack Obama boarded a train on Saturday with the route from the nation’s birth place, Philadelphia, to the nation’s capital, Washington DC. We heard the crowds cheering along the way of the train route.

It was just a totally different scenario as what we observed in Malaysia. We saw the deputy president of UMNO, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam “kena boo” by the opposition party’s supporters, during his visit to Kuala Terengganu on the polling day.

Oops, not a good day to start for datuk, and definitely not a good day to end.

When asked about the incident, Mohd Ali claimed that he was “kecewa dengan tindakan penyokong pembangkang yang terlalu ramai berkumpul di kawasan pusat pengundi sekolah berkenaan.” (Malaysiakini, “Ali Rustam kena ‘boo’ di KT”, Jan 17, 2009)

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