Another show of PoWeR & Arrogance

Yesterday’s PJ vigil was supposed to be a celebration, POT Luck style. I arrived at 8 after dinner with KKLim at restaurant nearby, and we bring along two boxes of mandarin oranges. By that time, many people has gathered and i have to say, all the people here never disappoint me, many still come even after last week’s show of power by the police, and many bring along foods and drinks. Kak Laila also came to celebrate with us.


If you miss yesterday’s vigil, here is some of the stuff we paraded on the floor for our Pot Luck.


Mandarin oranges (few boxes), KFC, Domino’s pizza, the big pot there is fried mee, cookies, cakes, haven’t include the loads of lemang brought back by our Barisan Rakyat team.


Around 8.20pm, our heroes & heroine came back from Kuala Terengganu in the blue van. Everyone rushed up to thank them, for all the hard works at KT.


By the time we get over with the excitement and joys accepting our Barisan Rakyat Bloggers back, i found that we were surrounded by the police. Yes, basically the police just sneaked in while were focusing on BR bloggers.