PDRM Wanted So Badly To Stop The Vigils


You Come In Like Nobody's Business

This is the second time that the police stopped the PJ vigil consecutively although it is clear that the place is a private property that has the City Council's consent of using it.

Tonight, it was intended to be a celebration for everyone following the Pakatan Rakyat's success at Kuala Terengganu by-elections. I wanted to take my brother to show them how it is like a weekly vigil. He just came to town for a visit or so.

I have already noticed 4 SBs at Lotus restaurant right at the beginning before the show gets started. Everyone wants to celebrate with arrivals of Pete, Bernard and Haris from KT.

This is the SB (in the middle) that carries the long tripod. I was absolutely sure that this SB was the one who called in the cops once the event kicks off. He was around for the last three weeks.

As usual the cops come in like coming to people's house without permission or if it is nobody's business. The OCPD was not the one last week but another one by the name of Junaidi and of course the district Chief Shukor Sulong was next to him but he didn't say anything. One thing I spotted is that most police officers do not have the serial numbers, only their names.

Two of us asked the OCPD of who is the boss. Arrogantly, Junaidi – the OCPD – boasted 'I'm am the Boss!!!!!'

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