Just Die Lor!

The best way for Malaysian Members of Parliament to serve the rakyat and more particularly their constituents is…………………….TO DIE!!! Or if they don't want to go that drastic route to RESIGN.

Just think about it. Whenever that happens a by-election has to be held, there will be campaigning by both Barisan Nasional and the Opposition. And the 'goodies' start to pour in for the people of that particular constituency. Look at what is happening in KT? Ang pows, new roads. new buildings, oil royalties and the goodies just keep on rolling in for the people of the second richest state in the federation who live like the second poorest instead.

Imagine what can happen if this sort of thing happened on a nation-wide scale on a regular basis. There will be non-stop development of infrastructure, improvement of civil service, IMPROVEMENT period! Imagine if local councilors are elected, mayors are elected. Then of course all we need to do is to persuade those people to either DIE or RESIGN. All for the good of the rakyat and the country. The ultimate in service ma. Correct?

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