Police Stops the 14th PJ Vigil


By Pat Lu, Co-Founder, Pahlawan Volunteers 
PETALING JAYA, 11 Jan – Police ordered the participants of the 14th Anti-ISA Vigil at MBPJ to disperse minutes after the event had started on the grounds that they had no permit.

Videos are provided below:

The vigil began at around 8.15pm but about five minutes later the OCPD of PJ ordered the participants to disperse. There were over 200 police personnel, riot police and plain clothes personnel. Three FRU trucks were parked by the side of Civic Hall. 

“The authorities care a lot for the safety of the rakyat,” reports Rakyat@work, tongue in cheek. “They sent more than two police personnel for every vigil participant.”  

Haris Ibrahim will be writing to the Dato Bandar of PJ to lodge a protest about the incident and to ask him to take this matter up with the police so that there is no repeat of the incident this coming Sunday.

Haris will forward a copy of the letter to the MB of Selangor including all the EXCO members and ask their attendance this coming Sunday to show solidarity with the rakyat. 
Surrounded by Police at the 14th Anti-ISA Vigil: 


More pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/pahlawan.volunteers/090111AntiISAVigil#

Watch Videos of the 14th PJ Anti-ISA Vigil: 
Part 1: Barisan Rakyat Danny Chua’s speech and KT By-Election Update


Part 2: OCPD of PJ orders the participants to disperse  


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An Appeal to the Police to Do The Right Thing 
You have always asked for the rakyat’s cooperation to be civic-minded. You said that the state of our community is the responsibility of its members. You applaud ordinary citizens who risk their lives nabbing snatch thieves and robbers, etc on the spot in your place. 

Which side of the “law" are you on now? And whose “law” are you following? What if it were your parent, brother or sister under detention without trial? What would you do? Keep silent? 

Every one of us has a role towards improving the state of our economic, social and political lives.  Please support initiatives of groups that contribute to sustainable development and harmonious community development nationwide. 

Let us all be reminded of the Rukun Negara, the de facto Malaysian pledge of allegiance.

    (Belief in God)
    (Loyalty to King and Country)
    (The Supremacy of the Constitution)
    (The Rule of Law)
    (Courtesy and Morality)

We appeal to the Police to be there at the Anti-ISA Vigils for the right reasons, i.e to provide security for the participants and to take this as an opportunity to get to know and bond with the rakyat at peaceful vigils. Alternatively, go catch the real crooks and mindless Mat Rempits out there.  

Stand up and be counted in your own special way for the sake of all Malaysians and your children too. If we don’t care about the state of our country, it simply means we don’t care about ourselves. 

See you this Sunday, 8.00pm at MBPJ! 
PAT LU, Co-Founder, Pahlawan Volunteers, a Malaysian Voluntary and Advocacy Group. 
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