KT By-election: Will 916 come true after all?

If tomorrow, on 17 Jan 2009, UMNO still loses despite the massive cheating and abuse of power, it will prove to the people that UMNO is no longer invincible. Then the people across the whole nation will wake up and BN will lose the next General Elections. Given this situation, UMNO's hold on the other component parties in the BN will be broken and they will jump the BN ship to join Pakatan Rakyat. Maybe 916 will come true after all.

This is the last day for campaigning before polling day on 17th Jan 09. The town is over-flowing with Ministers, leaders and supporters from both sides. As I am typing this article in the Mingstar hotel along the busy Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin, the cars outside are blaring their horns in support of PAS.

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