Please help me salvage my country – Malaysia

By R. Shan (Human Being) 

Maybe it should actually read "Please help us salvage our country from the tyranny of UMNO". Either way, you know what I mean.

Now how can we save our country? The corrupt system with its inequality and unfairness can only exist and sustain as we continue to ignore the humanity, truth and reality for our fellow Malaysians irrespective of race, religion, color or creed.

This is the truth at least in my vocabulary. When you see a Malay, you say bloody Bumiputra – doesn't work, lazy and lives on hand-outs i.e. bribery and commissions. You see a Chinese, you say bloody Chinese – only money matters to them and the progenitor of bribery. You see Indians, you say Bloody Indians – gangsters, drunkards and troublemakers. You don't see the lain-lain as nobody is there to fight their cause.

Do understand that this is a general perception and not aimed at any individuals per se. Look deep into your conscience on a subjective basis and you see this is imbibed in us and we choose to dwell in it individually on an individual basis.
Today, in Malaysia, we should perhaps conduct a self-analysis that does not deal with known things such as depicted above but going deeper. As a subjective mortal entity, we have our constraints but in unity, we could act better for a common cause for our Malaysian society.

It is enlightening to see subjective views from all fronts, but these views can be tricky sometimes as it is not a "Yes" or "No" but rather a product of our brainwashed process of maybe "this" or "that" on what is "right" and what is "wrong". I don't know about the rest of you, but for me at the present time the wrong seems right as the depicted "wrong" seems to shed the right for humanity, truth and realism.

In Malaysia today, let's take a dialectic process to produce a nation that seeks humanity, trust and realism without the usual rhetoric of social engineering, propaganda and coercion for the benefit of the few by our collective action.

Formally, we live in a free world; but informally we are enslaved based on our own materialism, reason and of course our gullibility in our disassociation and apathy.

We all only live once; live it well and not be a "Katak Bawah Tempurung".

R. Shan (Human Being)