Kong Xi Fatt Chai Kuala Terrenganu

I know, I know. It’s not quite Chinese New Year yet, and you might think it’s a bit too early for getting in the festive mood. Not so.

I want to just wish many of the 8787 Chinese voters in Kuala Terengganu an early happy Chinese New Year. After all, it seems many of you are already experiencing an early new year! I would venture to guess, to many of you it must feel like this coming year of the Ox will be a very auspicious one. It probably isn’t too often that most of you see such good fortune befall so many of you at one time. I certainly don’t begrudge the attention you’re receiving from the Barisan Nasional political machinery. Trust me when I say I’m happy for you.

After all, how often is it that we so-called pendatang get a chance to feel pampered by Umnoputeras? Trust me, I know it doesn’t happen too often. Sigh…. I’m sure you noticed that I am Indian so you know that I know what it feels like not only to not get pampered and coddled, you must know that I’ve become quite accustomed to being downright ignored and even persecuted lots of times just for being Indian.


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