I constantly hear about the complains of Malaysians, but one thing I have noticed is how afraid Malaysians are of change. And for those of us who embrace change, how we fail to act on the changes we want to see.

We complain about the inappropriate government actions and such, but when the time comes to act, how many of us actually makes the effort? We voice our objections on the use of the ISA, but that's as far as it goes. Sure there are the candlelight vigils, but how many more of us are at home, hiding behind a computer to voice our concerns. We complain about our present Federal government, but when it comes to elections, how many of us actually acts and votes for the Opposition?

We fear change, that the Opposition's promises might not materialise, that the Opposition might actually be the worse of two evils. But if we do not fight for change, why do we complain about what we have now?

The Opposition presents us Malaysians with a chance for change. They provide us with an alternative to the current Federal Government. Having an opportunity presented to us is one thing. Seizing that opportunity and actually giving our support is another. I know there are many more of us who are unhappy with the present government. But the thoughts running through their heads are "What can I do alone? Will my one measly vote actually affect the outcome of an election?".

Realistically, no, elections are very rarely decided by one vote, especially in Malaysia. But collectively, our votes count. So I urge us all Malaysians, take the step to vote. Pendatang or not, we all have been given the power to choose who we want to lead the country. Exercise that power to bring about the change that we seek. Do it for yourselves and for your country. Fulfill your duties as citizens and choose the path that our country will take.

 – wei king