Statement from Mr.P Waythamoorthy

I forward this statement as a spokesperson for Mr.Waythamoorthy in response to the statement by Syed Hamid Albar, the Home Affairs Minister in the Star of the 11th of  Jan, entitled – “Leave others out“. 

Is it not enough what you have done to the leaders of the Indian community who have done no wrong but to ask for what is rightfully theirs – something which you and UMNO have systematically denied them. Is it not enough that you have attempted to immobilize me by withdrawing my Malaysian travel documents. What I am doing is only a consequence of all that.

If you really are intent in having us stop calling for interventions to resolve the Indian issue in the country, please repeal the draconian ISA, release all the detainees including our Leaders, grant us the 18 demands we have put to UMNO, bring back a modicum of fairness and equality and we will not need any intervention at all. Instead of making more threats please look at doing something positive like this to solve the problem once and for all. 

We will not stop trying to reach our objectives until we reach our objectives. We are a peaceful movement and we will use all peaceful means at our disposal to constantly push our agenda. If you find that unacceptable, you have a choice, continue to threaten us in this futile manner or as we say accept our requests for a change to the state of affairs of the marginalized Indians and change the status quo immediately. 

Thank you.


Naragan N. on behalf of Mr. Waythamoorthy