A Palestinian solution: “Palestinian Global Village”*


Azly Rahman

Dear respected folks,

 *Below is my early my early thoughts on an aspect of long-term solution for
 the Palestinians, besides waiting for the creation for a Palestinian state
 hopefully with a 4-billion-dollar funding from the United States.

Create a "PALESTINIAN GLOBAL-VILLAGE" in every country that cares for the plight of the Palestinians. Just like in the early days of the migration of the Protestants to America during the Reformation Period, young families of Palestinians can be given land in a "city-state" created by each country. Just like Proton City in Malaysia, or Cyberjaya or Putrajaya or Brasilia, these modern enclaves ought to be created.

Nation-state or countries can "adopt" the Palestinians. They are now helpless and will continue to be massacred by the forces of state-sponsored terrorism.

Of course the plight of the natives of each country need to be taken care of first and as well, but the crisis that's plaguing the Palestinians will continue to last for decades until the United States as the sole Military
Empire stop continuing  to give the world an eerie silence.

I urge Malaysian parliamentarians and those of other countries to discuss this idea of a "Palestinian Global Village"; one based on the principle of global humanitarian. Our universities must begin discussing this dimension of "student-exchange" as well, particularly giving more places and financial
aid to Palestinian children.  This is not just a gesture but a part of the solution that will stay at peace in our national psyche for a long time.

While the opinion in the article is mine,
the comments are yours;
present them rationally and ethically.