Focus on Trengganu: Free Laptops — yes!

Below is a very interesting news story on the promises of elections. If I were a kid in Trengganu, I'd be thrilled to be given a laptop.

I can play video games, chat, do Instant Messaging, get online and talk to strangers the world over, set up a blog, or access appropriate and inappropriate online materials. I can do a lot of things — much more than the learning softwares my teachers can write or provide in school.

But in years to come, will my children and I be tied ideologically to the "giver" who will continue to give more and expensive gifts only when election comes? Instead of being given RM 1000-2000 cash as a child, I now have a laptop. That's cool. That's really cool. I'd vote for any party then that will give me … (who knows later,) other techno goodies, or even large screen TVs with free 100 Astro Channels or even a Kawasaki Ninja so that I may roam the streets of Kuala Trengganu at night and skip school daily.