LIM MUN FAH, Sin Chew Daily

After highway contracts have been making public a few days ago, the people are beginning to blame the government for a lousy bargain.

We have no idea how the then government's representatives negotiated with the highway operators, and we do not know why the government has to bear the debt risk while the highway operators obtain bank loans; why the government has to pay compensation if the highway operators do not make money or asked not increase toll rates; and why the government must also pay damages if the contracts are terminated.

We are puzzled. In fact, we have more doubts after the highway contracts were revealed to the public. Those who represent the government at that time indeed owe the people an explanation.

From the investment point of view, any business has a certain degree of risk. You can only blame yourself for poor judgement if your business does not make profit. And you, are the one who should bear the loss for any investment mistake. Only our highway operators are guaranteed for profit making and suffer no risk of loss.

Don't ask me why. If you really want to know, ask those negotiators why our government has become a fathead? And why the government (more precisely, the people) has to pay even if it is the highway operators' malpractices?

The highway operators gain big profits with a small capital. And the people, who have to eat the bitter fruit can only hope that the highway operators' conscience will smite them and make them take initiative to give back to the society after making a big money. (Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE)