KT Elections: Pomposity vs. Humility

The day after the nomination. The BN’s meats and potatoes outlook towards the voters, has remained the same. Too much mean causes heart attack. Its grounded on (a) display of raw power (b) money.

The naked display of power alienates BN people from the rakyat.. nowadays, you behaved like emperors you get thumped in the nose. BN’s very public display of power, arrogance, authority and wealth is nauseating. Its strikes at one of the most fundamental civic virtue that east coast people still have high regard- humility.

In the east coast states and especially now, in KT, the word humility is a very priceless virtue. Its linked to one’s religiosity. All the religions in the world, and to Islam which is the religion of the majority in KT, humility is a sign of recognising human frailties and smallness.

By 2pm on nomination day, most of the big gun politicians were already on their way back to Kuala Lumpur. Many of them in their big 4 wheel drives and a retinue of accompanying vehicles. These comprised mostly bodyguards, private assistants, hired reporters, walking ATM machines, wives and girlfriends. The repulsive behaviour of these little emperors in KT on nomination day in KT was well documented. Sirens wailing, bodyguards swarming, outsiders surging condescendingly on kerpok lekor eating country hillbillies.

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