Kapar MP’s issue not party-related, says Tian Chua

(NST) KUALA LUMPUR: The bust-up between Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam and the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government is over the new Klang Sentral terminal and is not party-related, PKR information chief Tian Chua said yesterday.

"He made it very clear that his issue is with the administration of the Selangor government.

"It is a legitimate issue that deserves serious attention but it has nothing to do with the party," he said.

Manikavasagam, who has been protesting against the relocation of the Klang bus station to the Klang Sentral terminal in Meru, resigned as PKR Selangor deputy liaison chairman on Wednesday.

Tian Chua claimed that Manikavasagam had been grossly misquoted by an English daily, blowing the situation out of proportion.

"They are simply playing up an issue to make it look bigger than it actually is … what had been published are total misquotations and his comments published are not accurate."

Tian Chua said the matter was racialised by the newspaper's reports.

He said there was no rift between leaders in the PKR or the Pakatan coalition government in Selangor.

"This matter has nothing to do with Indian issues. Again I reiterate that it is about the bus station."

He said the state government had its hands tied on the Klang Sentral terminal.

"We are in a dilemma because the decision to move the station was made by the previous government.

"This project cost RM300 million and we are not in a position to back down from the decision, although we also understand that there is a lot of infrastructure that is not completed.

"He (Manikavasagam) as the MP raised the issue as a reflection of the discontent of the Klang folk, and again I stress that this is a legitimate concern that we will settle accordingly."

On Manikavasagam's plan for a meeting with PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to air his grievances, Tian Chua said he was free to do so.

Anwar is expected to return from leave on Jan 6, after which he will go to Kuala Terengganu to join Pakatan member Pas in its campaign for the by-election.

Manikavasagam said in his resignation letter, he was disappointed with some Pakatan state government leaders.

While he maintained his membership with PKR, the Kapar MP said he was prepared to leave the party, claiming that he had received invitations to join other parties, including MIC.

Manikavasagam said if he were to leave the PKR, "the Indians in PKR will follow him. They are all behind me and want me to be the next Samy Vellu".