Zam tells Indonesian media not to ‘attack’ Malaysia

The Malaysian mass media will not allow Indonesian opposition parties the opportunity to run down its government and Malaysia hopes the same sensitivity will be applied by the Indonesian mass media.

Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin this was because Malaysian newspapers and television stations respected the principle of non-interference in line with Asean’s position not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. 

“Malaysian newspapers will not attack the Indonesian President and meddle in the internal affairs of Indonesia. The Malaysian media will not do this,” he told Indonesian reporters here on Friday. 

“What is disappointing is that the mass media here has given the Malaysian opposition the opportunity to attack Malaysia. In Malaysia, we will not allow anyone to attack your President or Vice-President,” he added. 

Zainuddin, a former journalist, said it was important for the mass media in Malaysia and Indonesia to refrain from publishing negative and sensitive reports in order to improve bilateral ties. 

He said the Malaysian and Indonesian governments were making efforts to resolve problems resulting from exaggerated media reports which had hurt the feelings of the public in both countries. 

“Reports carried by the mass media in Malaysia and Indonesia have created a lot of misunderstanding and hurt some feelings.  

“What is important is to show the many positive sides from the close bilateral ties like the success of the Indonesian workers in Malaysia who returned home to rebuild their villages with money earned from working in Malaysia,” he said. – Bernama