Another pretty woman shot and blown up

Little Bird
RM432 billion will be spent/invested in the development corridors over the next 12 years (ECER RM120b, NCER RM112b, IDR RM200b). That is RM36 billion a year, RM3 billion a month, RM750 million a week, and RM107 million a day starting now.

Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan has been shot and blown up by a suicide attacker in Rawalpindi, Pakistan today 27 December 2007.  That was her career choice, to involve herself in politics and embroil herself in the violence that her nation has become.

Today, I also heard another version of the Altantuya murder. Some say that Altantuya was shot and killed first inside a VIP's office in Kuala Lumpur. Then she was taken to the oil palm estate in Shah Alam, laid down on the ground and then blown up. The evidence presented in court so far seems to support this view, i.e. she was shot elsewhere and then blown up elsewhere. The police testified in court that they found blood-stained slippers in Korporal Sirul Azhar's jeep. The blood was Altantuya's. Obviously the blood got onto Sirul Azhar's slippers when he was moving her dead body after she had been shot.
It is unlkely that whoever shot Altantuya would have shot her at the Rothman's Roundabout in Petaling Jaya. It is also unlikely that she was shot at the oil palm estate. She must have been shot out of sight inside a building. So, it does add up.
Obviously, the forensics investigators and the A-G's office are refusing to say where Altantuya was believed to have been shot. This is another major cover up.
From a more humanist point of view, both Benazir and Altantuya were women, pretty women, going about their lives doing what they thought was best for them. Altantuya did whatever she did and Benazir did what she did. The common factor between them both was that they got involved with politicians who were Muslims in a Muslim country. This is a very dangerous mix for anyone, especially pretty women.
You see, Islamic countries do not function very well. They all fall asleep on the job. While they are sleeping they may have terribly wet dreams which they think is real. Then, when they wake up and realise the pleasure has disappeared instantly, they get very upset. They may try to massage their 'egos' to regain the pleasure but as the saying goes, too much massaging makes your wrists limp. According to Eddie Murphy, you may even go blind. This is when they end up shooting people. Anyone will do, but woman are preferred.
Today, I also heard that by 2009 there will be close to one million unemployed people in the country – Malaysians, Banglas, Indons, Sabahan Filipinos, Nepalis, etc., are going to be unemployed. This is because the Prime Minister is sleeping and he is having many wet dreams. Fortunately he has not woken up yet, so no blazing guns yet. But the theory goes that by 2009 the PM may have to wake up. That is when oil would have surged past USD100 per barrel, the electricity rates would have gone up, our growth would have slipped to about 5% or less, and there will be widespread unhappiness, unrest and demonstrations in the streets.
Many more factories would have closed down and jobs would be scarce. Hundreds of thousands of bumiputra graduates will be unemployed. As you read this, the steady rate of bumiputra graduate unemployment in any given year is now 100,000 (plus minus 20k). Bumiputra graduates are now turning up for job interviews as taxi drivers.
By 2009, this very 'Islamic' state of affairs will peak. Then, if we are lucky, a state of emergency will be declared in the country, saner heads will take charge, and there will be a return of the Jedi. The Jedi will rule for a few years and put things in order. Hopefully the Jedi will be healthy and strong for a long time to be able to do all this.
If we are unlucky, the PM will wake up from his wet dream and start shooting from the hips. If he continues firing blanks, not too many people will get hurt. But judging from the raid on the Blogger in Kuantan, the brutal suppression of the Hindraf, the violence against Bersih, the shooting of two people at Batu Buruk, and other acts of State-sanctioned violence, it is most likely that the PM will do the 'Islamic' thing like Pakistan – he will let the shit hit the fan. Then we will be in deep shit.
I also heard today that 70% of Chinese BN supporters will not vote for BN anymore in the next general election. There is a suggestion that the PM will have to make way for a 2nd Chinese Deputy PM to keep the Chinese votes. This will alienate the Malays too and even UMNO members will not vote for the BN. It is also doubtful if such an act will placate the Chinese.
Kelantan and Terengganu are considered 'gone cases' – the BN will lose in these two states. Tun Daim has come out of nowhere and said that Kedah, Penang and Selangor may become hot spots. In short, the BN is going to lose big, very big.
Chinese contractors are making very simple calculations. From his many wet dreams, the PM has let 'fly' that RM432 billion will be spent/invested in the development corridors over the next 12 years (ECER RM120b, NCER RM112b, and IDR RM200b). That is RM36 billion a year starting now. That is RM3 billion a month starting now. That is RM750 million a week starting now. That is RM107 million a day starting now. No one, especially the Chinese contractors, believes this is going to happen.
So, the one million unemployment figure by 2009 is not unreal. Already over 120,000 bumiputra university and college graduates (diploma and degree holders) are unemployed. Most Mat Rempits are also unemployed. According to Putra UMNO, there are over 250,000 Mat rempits in the country. That is already 370,000 unemployed bumiputras. Indons and Banglas are also straggling around the country looking for jobs. In Sabah the unemployed Filipinos will become a great problem after the elections are over.
Pretty women beware. Malaysians beware. This is an Islamic country too.