Arrested blogger lodges report

(The Star) – Mohd Shukri Jamaluddin, the blogger who was arrested by police in Kuantan on Monday, has lodged a report for wrongful detention.

He made the report at the Kuantan district police station in Jalan Mahkota here at 10.10pm yesterday. He was accompanied by a friend.

The 36-year-old blogger, who is known online as Cucumatkilau, claimed in his blog that police broke down the front door to gain entry into his house before they took him away in handcuffs.

The father of three claimed that the police failed to produce a warrant of arrest, and did not give any reason for his arrest.

The former Umno member said police arrested him at 10am and released him two and a half hours later. Mohd Shukri said he was alone at home as his wife and children were in Johor.

Mohd Shukri said five policemen ransacked his room and seized three cell phones, a laptop computer, his wallet and identity card.

He said the police accused him of being a drug pusher. Mohd Shukri said he underwent a urine test at the police station and the result was negative. He added that the police returned all the items seized when they released him.