Tun Dr Mahathir quizzed by ACA over video clip

The Star

PUTRAJAYA: The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has interviewed Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad over the video clip purportedly showing a senior lawyer brokering the appointment of judges. 

Dr Mahathir, who was fielding questions during a brief press conference at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here Saturday, said three ACA officers interviewed him on Friday. 

"They questioned me and I answered them," he said, adding that the interview lasted for about one hour. 

When asked what some of the questions were, Dr Mahathir said: "I cannot tell you that." 

He said if he was asked to testify at the recently set up Royal Commission of Inquiry into the videoclip, he would not say no. 

Dr Mahathir was also asked to comment on the setting up of the commission to which he said it was not his place to talk about it. 

A reporter then said that Dr Mahathir's name was implicated in the video clip to which he said he did not know what was said and that he had not seen the clip. 

"The only thing I have seen is what was shown on TV3. So I do not know what the lawyer (in the clip) said. You (the reporter) know better," he said. 

On the Government using the Internal Security Act (ISA) against Hindraf leaders, Dr Mahathir said he himself had used the ISA before. 

"It is up to the government and the people to decide this. You see, we are a democratic country. 

"If the people selected to lead are the people who support the use of ISA, then they will use it. The choice is yours. I thought people approved the use of ISA when they supported me, so I implemented it." 

However, Dr Mahathir felt that problems felt by any community ought to be addressed in other ways and that public assemblies should only be used as a last resort. 

Earlier, Dr Mahathir launched a book entitled The Third World & International Law authored by Tunku Sofiah Jewa.  

Dr Mahathir, who celebrated his birthday on Thursday and Tunku Sofiah whose birthday was Saturday, were also given surprise birthday cakes after the book launch.