Marginalization of minorities

The Minister Mentor of Singapore,on his last visit to Malaysia, accused our government of systematically marginalising her citizens of Chinese origin. This was vehemently denied by the Malaysian government including its own Chinese Ministers in the cabinet. Since then there has been considerable debate on this issue of marginalization.

Lately the Indians claim they are also being marginalized, which again the government, including the sole Indian cabinet minister, has denied. In fact he had taken great pains to explain the numerous achievements of his Indian community. However this allegation of marginalization is the root cause of the recent Hindraf rally that had resulted in several Indians being arrested and charged with attempted murder, only to be swiftly released on the intervention of the executive, an example of the independence of the judiciary. The leaders of Hindraf who so passionately fought for the rights of their community were accused of being terrorists and detained under the ISA for two years, a move that is unpredented.The very people who wanted to be heard were excluded from the dialogue between the Indian NGOs and the Prime Minister.